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The Bearded Outdoors Story

It all started in 2017, Reese Richards drew some antlers and a beard on a piece of scrap paper. A few minutes later his wife Amber walked into the room seeing the drawing and said “ Oh cool.....Bearded Outdoors!” We laughed at the scribbling on the page as he put it up on the counter and forgot about it. A few weeks go by, while Amber was on her way home from work, she called Reese and said “For some odd reason, the Lord is telling me to tell you to get a hat made with your beard and antler drawing on it.” Since Reese loves hats he was all for it and made his way to the local embroidery shop, The Skinny Wallet. After his hat was finished, ‘The Original”, Reese made his way to Walmart and noticed a few guys looking at his hat and others that asked about it. The idea came into their mind at that moment that it would be cool to see others wearing a design and name that they created.The first thing they did was look up if “Bearded Outdoors” was already a trade marked company or name, it was not! Reese was curious on the price of a trademark so he started doing some research. a few days/weeks go by and family members and friends are started to ask about his hat and wanted one for them selves. He did some preorders and saved the funds, thus being able to start the process of getting “Bearded Outdoors” trademarked!

A few months later, Reese was messing around on his design software and was going to drag a line above the logo to create a box. As he was dragging, the line unclicked directly over the logo creating a cross where the brow tine was! They were so shocked at what they saw so Reese cropped out the rest of the line, rounded the edges, and BOOM!, The Redemption Logo was created!

Since then, Amber and Reese have created a Facebook page which has reached over 12,000 followers and counting, a nationwide, outdoor fieldstaff and prostaff team, a full professional website which now includes a big variety of hats, shirts, decals, and his personal handcrafted Beard Care line! They now spend their time spreading their brand, team and the Lord at events, expos, festivals and charities! They are not sure of where this journey will take them but they have faith in God and his plan so they are ready for the ride!

God Is Good